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Product Details:
   • Can be any shape or size from
     1/2“ square on .003” foil to
     36”x48” on .125’ thick material

   • Materials include aluminum,
     stainless steel, & cold rolled

   • Can be screen printed, anodize
     etched, etch & filled, or any
     combination of these three
     (Depending on material used)

   • Aluminum can be anodized many
     colors, while other materials
     must be digitally/screen printed

   • A flat or glossy clear coat can
     be applied to aid in protecting
    the nameplates

   • Produced with or without
     adhesive backing

   • Polyester or Polycarbonate w/
    custom matched colors

   • Full or ring embossed

   • Transparent or color-enhanced
    LED &/or display windows

   • Produced with or without
    adhesive backing

   • A domed, clear covering can be